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How Do I Sell My House Fast for Cash?

Jake Miller - Owner of Cash for Houses

Jake Miller is the owner of Cash For Houses

Step 1
Call Or Fill Out The Form

To start the process of selling your home to Cash For Houses, you need to film out the form (above or below) or simply give us a call. If you’re at work right now or busy, filling out the form is quick and easy. If you want an offer right now, give us a call at (805) 870-8805

Step 2
Talk About The House

This is when we discuss details about the property such as the last time it was remodeled, current condition of the property, if you have tenants or if it’s vacant even. Our goal is to get you a free, no obligation cash offer on your property and we want the final offer to make sense to your situation.

Step 3
Close Escrow In 30 Days

We can close escrow in really quickly, even in 7 days if the property is exactly what we’re looking for. However, most properties typically take 21 to 30 days to close escrow. This is because we must inspect the property and run title searches. If you are looking to sell your house fast for cash, then Cash for Houses is a great option. Once we make sure everything is safe and good to go, you get paid! This is the benefit of companies that pay cash for houses.

Get your cash offer for your house today!

Cash for Houses is a home buyer looking to make a positive impact in our community. Our goal is to beautify the neighborhood and help families get their dream home after we fix it up. Get a free & fair all-cash offer today!

Receive a Fair & FREE Cash Offer

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Can You Sell Your House Fast Without a Realtor? Yes!

In real estate, we have been made to believe that listing your house with a realtor is the best choice when you’re about to sell it. Unfortunately, this is not true because it often affects the seller negatively in the long run. There are many reasons why real estate agents may not be the best way to sell your house. First, they tend to favor buyers over sellers, meaning they will often try to get you a lower price than what you had in mind when selling your home. If your home doesn’t sell fast enough, they want to get paid, so they will pressure you to accept “any” offer. Also, if they fail at their job and ask you to do showings or do work for them, they still demand 3% commission!

Second, realtors can take 6 months find a buyer for your property, costing you more time and missed opportunities when you just want to sell your house fast in Albuquerque New Mexico. Instead, selling your home can be just as effective without the drawbacks of using a real estate agent. These options include selling your house yourself, using a real estate investment company like Cash Offer Please, or listing it on online marketplaces, such as Zillow, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist. 

Now, if you’re considering selling your home and want to do it quickly and efficiently, it might be best to consider alternatives to using a real estate agent. The choice is up to you – but remember that there are many ways to sell your house without a realtor. Below are some reasons why getting cash for homes using a realtor is usually a bad idea:

Sell Your House Without a Realtor!

You Can Easily Sell Your House For Cash

Truth be told, selling a house in takes a lot of time and effort when listed with a realtor. When you sell with a real estate investor, you may get more money in your pocket, sell within 30 days, and have absolutely zero headaches. With a cash home buyer like Cash For Houses, you don’t have to wait for us to get a traditional loan that can delay closing 60+ days. When a buyer closes with cash, the money is held in escrow during a title search to make sure the house is free and clear of liens and then the house is simply exchanged within 14 to 30 days. The benefits to selling to a company like ours are obvious to most people. We Buy Houses in California just like Balsamo Homes and the most of the Southern USA. Here are the types of homes we have bought from homeowners:

“Sell Your House AS IS For Cash!”

Any Reason

Any Condition

Any Challenge

Any Condition. Any Situation

We Buy Houses That Need Repairs

Sell a House That Need Repairs

We offer cash for houses that need repairs, no matter the condition or circumstances surrounding them. Whether your home is underwater due to an unexpected event, you need to sell quickly for tax reasons, or you’re dealing with major repairs, we will offer you a fair price and close the transaction as soon as possible, allowing you to sell your house quickly.

Our team of experienced real estate professionals understands how challenging it can be to deal with properties that need major repairs. That’s why we are committed to working closely with all sellers in this situation to help them get top dollar for their property and move on with their lives. So if you need cash for your property that needs major repairs, contact us today!

We Buy Condemned Houses

Get Cash For a Condemned House

We pay cash for condemned or vacant houses, no matter their condition or the challenges you face as a homeowner. Whether your home has been condemned by the city, needs significant repairs due to storm damage, or simply hasn’t been lived in for years, we will offer you a fair price and help you sell it quickly so that you can put this difficult situation behind you and get on with your life.

Our team of real estate experts understands what it’s like to live in a condemned house. We are committed to working closely with all homeowners dealing with this situation to provide them with fast closings and flexible cash offers. So if you’re ready to sell your condemned house, contact us today!

We Buy Rental Property

Sell Your Rental Property for Cash

We pay cash for a rental property, no matter its condition or the challenges you have faced as a landlord. Whether your property is facing foreclosure, has been affected by storm damage, or simply needs significant repairs, we will offer you a fair price and help you sell it quickly so that you can focus on other things in your life.

As real estate investors, our team of experienced real estate professionals recognizes the unique challenges of owning rental properties. We are committed to working closely with all landlords to provide them with fast closings and flexible cash offers. So if you’re ready to sell your rental house, contact us today!

Selling Your House Should Never Be a Stressful Task

As local home buyers we believe that no homeowner should wait 6 months to sell their property. When hiring a real estate agent, you need to give them time to advertise your house the traditional way. With us, the process is much easier.

We buy houses directly using Cash
all over the 50 states here in the U.S. When you allow us to buy your house, we will make a cash offer; this means we can close deals quickly… or on a date of your choice. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or commissions, as the case is when using a realtor.

Our group of investors will give you a no obligation and hassle free cash offer over the phone, with no need for any repairs in the house. We also don’t care about the location or the circumstances surrounding selling your home quickly. Just reach out to us today!

Here Are Some of the Benefits When You Sell Your House For Cash to Our Company

sell your house for cash

Cash Is Offered Immediately

We have reputable investors that are always handy in making you an irresistible offer for your house. And, of course, every purchase is made with Cash.

We Buy Houses Fast Cash

Close Deals In Less Than No Time

Because our investors are always handy, we can close a deal in less than seven days, and you’ll get your Cash paid in full.

math of sell your house without a realtor

No Realtor Fees Required

The first offer from Cash for Houses is what you will receive at the deal’s closing: no extra cost, no closing deal cost. You are paid in full as agreed.
selling a house AS IS

We'll Do The Repairs

Because we are here to ensure a swift deal, we won’t bother you about repairs or anything that needs replacing in your house. So leave it all to us.

sell your home fast

Flexible Closing Time

We are as flexible as anyone could get. Whether you have a tight or loose schedule, we are professional enough to follow up till the end. So no rush; take your time until we close the deal. 

hassle-free cash home buyers

simple Sales Process

The main reason why lots of homeowners choose us over any FSBO or realtors is because of our straightforward sales process. Why is this so? We buy your house directly; there is no need for any listing process.

easiest way to sell my house for cash

The Easiest Way To Sell A House for Cash

“I have been amazed at the results of selling through Cash for Houses. The process has been extremely easy and fast. There was very good communication with their personnel. This is an excellent way to sell your home if your needing to sell quickly and get a fair price, I am recommending Cash for Houses to everyone I know.”

Genuine Review for Cash for Houses

Get your cash offer for your house today!

Cash for Houses is a home buyer looking to make a positive impact in our community. Our goal is to beautify the neighborhood and help families get their dream home after we fix it up. Get a free & fair all-cash offer today!

Receive a Fair & FREE Cash Offer

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Hold on a minute…

I’m sure while browsing the internet you’ve seen those “We Buy Houses” websites where you can “Sell Your House Fast”, or maybe you were the recipient of letters/texts/postcards etc. Be wary of real estate companies that claim to buy houses for cash and that you can sell your home fast. If you haven’t read our “How We Buy Houses” page, I’m guessing you’re probably still wondering the following about real estate investors…

“How does this ‘Cash for Houses’ TRULY work?
Can Selling My House Really Be Easy?“

In brief, yes, YOU can easily and quickly sell your home in any area of the United States. However, from our perspective, it’s a different story because it relies on the current state of the real estate market. There is quite a lot happening behind the scenes to ensure that selling your house is smooth and easy for both you and your home. Things such as how much housing inventory is available? Are houses sitting on the open marketing? Are prices being reduced? Are there job layoffs or a recession? Are interest rates really high? These types of questions greatly impact local housing prices.

“Well, that’s not really the question I was asking….“

We encourage you to read more and understand why Cash for Houses is trustworthy company to do business with. With this knowledge, you can make a more sound decision when it comes time to decided whether or not you want to sell your home fast for market value or with real estate agents. Selling to a cash buyer is generally quicker than any other method if you’re wondering, “How do I sell my home for cash?”

Cash Check Mark

We Do NOT charge fees, commissions or closing costs.

Cash Check Mark
We Won't Ask for appraisals or Walk Throughs
Cash Check Mark

Don't worry About Repairs or Renovations

Cash Check Mark
We Don't Make You Sign 6 Month Contracts like Realtors - We Buy Houses in 30 Days!
Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

Why Should You Trust Us?

Yes, sometimes there are cases where cash home buyers scam sellers, so we understand your skepticism. We here at Cash for Houses also understand that this kind of experience frustrates homeowners, which is where our integrity of operations come in. Over the years, we’ve been known for two things; our transparency in home buying and the fair all-cash offers we make to homeowners when you reach out to us: no shady dealings, no extra costs. Our small group of investors are verified and accessible, like ASAP Cash Offer. This is why there has never been a case of illegal or fraudulent dealing with us. Our reputation precedes us.

Wondering Why You Should Sell Your House To Cash Home Buyers?

Listing your house with a realtor comes with high fees and commissions; with us, you won’t have to worry about any fees when Cash for Houses buys your home. And that is not the only advantage. There is more…

  • We buy your house whether it’s been renovated or not.
  • We save you the stress of looking for a realtor.
  • We are the most transparent
  • You don’t need to wait for six months or more. 
  • We close deals in seven days or less. 
  • Once you contact us, everything is done right away!


Lastly, unlike when using a realtor, you won’t need to wait to know whether the buyer can obtain a mortgage or not… Cash for Houses will buy your house directly from you, AS IS, without the typical delays of a bank loan because we pay in cash. If you’ve been searching google for “sell my house fast for cash” we are the solution you are looking for.

Sell My House Fast for Cash To Home Buyers

“So How Do I Sell My House for Cash?”

When we say we’ve got you covered, Cash for Houses actually means it and we don’t make offers unless we are genuinely interested. Whether the house was an inheritance, you’re on the brink of foreclosure, or maybe you just want to relocate. No matter your current situation, contact us today, and we buy your house AS-IS. When you want to sell your home as fast as possible for cash, we are all you need. Leave all the repair and renovation burden to us. We do the heavy lifting for you! 

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